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Comprehensive Plan

The plan serves as an official policy statement of the City of Hoxie for directing orderly growth and development within its city limits and planning area. A steering committee along with the Hoxie Planning Commission directed the preparation of the plan during a process which included careful study of the area. Areas of analysis include Hoxie’s history, demographics and projected population, topography, utility capacity, transportation systems, existing infrastructure, and surrounding land use.

The plan will help guide the decisions of both the Planning Commission and City Council during the planning period, estimated to be 20 years. The Comprehensive Plan serves all citizens and property owners within the planning area as well as others having a stake in the future of the city. Specifically, it impacts the following:

  • –  Residents of the area who expect a stable social and economic environment.

  • –  Potential residents who may be contemplating major investments in the community.

  • –  Business owners whose livelihood depends on continued growth and prosperity.

  • –  Potential business owners and investors who may move into the city.

  • –  The Hoxie Planning Commission.

  • –  The Hoxie City Council.

  • –  Municipal departments and department heads.

  • –  Organizations promoting economic development in the area.

  • –  Professionals in real estate or development.


    The Comprehensive Plan provides a broad guideline for orderly growth and development. It is not meant to direct land use arrangement precisely nor is it a zoning ordinance. It should serve as an instrument to blend public and private interests in a manner that will best suit the entire community. Citizens and business interests may look at the plan as a “constitution” for the City of Hoxie. Unlike a national constitution, however, it may change more often to meet new challenges and growth issues.
Click here to download a copy of the Comprehensive Plan. Click on the Map below to open/download a larger version.
City of Hoxie, AR Comprehensive Plan
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