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Sanitation Department

301 SW Carter St. | Phone: 870-886-2742 | 7 a.m.-4 p.m. (M-F)

Residential Trash Collection Schedule

Tuesday                                                           Thursday

East side of                                                           West side of

Texas Street/Union Pacific Railroad                     Texas Street/Union Pacific Railroad


All curb side pickup must be bagged and placed in front of house prior to 7 am on the  the day of your pick-up, and cans should be returned to the side or rear of your home by 7:00 p.m. the same day. The residents are responsible for torn or damaged plastic bag and must pick up and place scattered trash in new plastic bag for the next pickup cycle. Only place regular household refuse in bags such as paper, used food containers, food scraps. Sanitation workers will not pick up trash that is not bagged


Do not place items that may damage the truck compaction system such as used construction materials, metal or yard waste.


If a Holiday falls on your pickup day or if inclement weather delays normal garbage pickup the schedule is adjusted to the next day. Follow Hoxie’s Facebook page for the latest re-scheduling information.


Commercial and Public Dumpsters

Materials placed in dumpsters are the same as normal garbage pickup listed above nothing hard that would damage the compaction system of the garbage truck.


Business dumpsters are scheduled on MWF according to individual business’ frequency pickup plan.


Large Items

Large Bulk items such as mattresses, discarded household junk,  used furniture, non- commercial construction products, etc  should be be placed in grain bed trucks located at the Street Department, 301 SW Cotter  (M-F 7am-4pm) 


 If you have used appliances they can best be disposed at the local metal salvage yard and you can get a few dollars for your efforts.


NEVER place limbs, yard waste (grass/leaves), shingles, automobile tires, carpentry waste, hazardous chemicals or paint cans with liquid or chemical in the grain truck or dumpsters.


The big trash truck parked outside the city shop fence is for lumber, old furniture, computers and appliances. No yard waste, limbs, asphalt shingles or cans of liquid paint or chemicals.

Small dumpsters are located back of City Hall and at Street Department are for regular household refuse only.

Yard Waste needs to be disposed of locally. Several years ago the State of Arkansas outlawed putting yard waste in landfills. Residents are encouraged to burn yard waste only at your location unless you believe it is unsafe; then call the fire department’s business number 886-5722, or call the mayor’s office 886-2742 for more information and assistance.

Citizens who employ professional tree trimmers, tree removers or pruners, must arrange for removal and disposal of such debris.

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